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Safeguarding Your Future: Affordable Wills

Many of us put off making a will until it is too late — but it is a positive and constructive step and one that everyone should consider:

  • It records your wishes accurately.
  • You have the freedom to decide how your assets are distributed.
  • It provides your loved ones with certainty at a difficult time.

Prices for a straightforward single will drafted by one of Potter Owtram & Peck LLP's expert solicitors start at £300 plus VAT and disbursements or £500 for a couple.

We also advise people about Lasting Powers of Attorney and living wills.

Do I Really Need A Will?

Potter Owtram & Peck LLP in Haslemere encourages all clients to make a will — whatever their circumstances. Of course there are rules about what should happen to your property if you do not make a will — but these often result in assets being divided in a way that you might not have intended. Other reasons to make a will include:

  • Younger clients with infant children can decide who should care for their children (guardians).
  • You can decide who should carry out your wishes (executors).
  • Unmarried couples with joint property can set out how each share of the property is to be dealt with.
  • Tax planning — Our solicitors will advise on how your property can be held in a tax-efficient way. As you get older, your will can be drawn up in a way that minimises your liability to inheritance tax.
  • Flexibility — Remember, your will is not set in stone: If your circumstances or wishes change, you can update your will with a codicil. We generally advise clients to review the provisions of their will every four years.

Wills Disputes Solicitors Serving Haslemere And Surrounding Areas

As family relationships become more complex and the incidence of second families and stepchildren increases, there is always the possibility that a family member might think he or she has not been adequately provided for. When we meet you, we will discuss this issue in detail. This reduces the possibility of someone successfully contesting a will.

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To arrange an appointment, call us on 01428 642321 or email us. It is a good idea to think about possible executors and guardians before you visit. A list of your assets is also helpful. We are members of Certainty, the national wills register.