Court Of Protection

If a family member or other loved one becomes incapable of looking after himself or herself and there is no Lasting Power of Attorney in place, the person who wishes to take responsibility for day-to-day management of the loved one's affairs can apply to the Court of Protection.

The court appoints individuals as Deputies to make decisions on behalf of the vulnerable individual. Once appointed, the deputy is supervised by the Office of the Public Guardian.

At Potter Owtram & Peck LLP in Haslemere, we regularly act in this type of case: people live longer, and there is an increasing incidence of mental health issues among elderly individuals. Practical decisions about the payment of nursing home fees and medical care can be made only by someone who is legally authorised.

Court Of Protection Solicitors And Deputyship

We assist family members and friends of people who have become unable to look after themselves in several ways, including:

  • Advising generally on deputyship — Many people look after the affairs of relatives informally, without involving the court. If circumstances change — for example, a property needs to be sold — we can explain how you can put things on a formal footing through the Court of Protection.
  • Applying for deputyship — The court will appoint the person it thinks will act in the person's best interests. It will consider a range of factors. We regularly assist clients with their applications.
  • Acting as deputies — When nobody is willing or able to act on behalf of a person lacking capacity, the court will appoint a professional such as a solicitor to act. Our solicitors have been appointed to act as deputies for many individuals and continue to manage their affairs in collaboration with the Public Guardian and Court of Protection.

We understand that our clients are often in a distressing situation when they contact us. We offer a sympathetic and supportive service, working hard to simplify matters and ensure that the interests of your family member or loved one are safeguarded.

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